Our New Toy

By 1st February 2016News & Updates
Our producer at somebrightspark

Our office Christmas present was the new DJI OSMO 4K UHD Steadicam.  We’re all pretty excited about it. Last week our events producer Kristian took it out for a spin.

For someone who likes to move around a lot and be part of the action the OSMO is the perfect camera to take a steady video. I spent my first hour with the OSMO at Wembley Stadium, capturing Phil Whetter in action directing a video shoot at an event.

Over the coming months we’ll be shooting on the OSMO at our live events to capture behind the scenes footage of the brand experiences we create.

We aren’t guaranteeing all of the footage will be published as that could be letting the proverbial cat out of the bag!

– Kristian Polasik, Producer

No doubt our events team will be using this a lot at various events to stream video and take behind the scenes footage.