Leicester Agency Provides the Spark for High Profile D&AD Awards Ceremony

By 25th May 2017News & Updates
Giant LED screens were used to create an immersive experience

Last month Leicester based creative experience agency, SomeBrightSpark, designed and delivered the creative content that would provide the spark for the highly prestigious D&AD Professional Awards event; where the finest creative minds in design and advertising are recognised and celebrated globally.

For many individuals working in the creative industry a D&AD pencil award is the ultimate creative accolade. The annual award ceremony is an opportunity to acknowledge the highest creative achievements, attracting some of world’s most talented individuals, and this year was no exception. From over 27,000 submissions 700 individual awards went to winners including New York Times Magazine, Nike and Channel 4 who were rewarded for their outstanding design contributions across various campaigns.

SBS provided content creation for the D&AD Awards 2017

After a successful pitch the task for producing the event fell to Hawthorn, for the supply and management of the technical aspects such as; lighting, staging and logistics, while SomeBrightSpark provided the event’s creative aspects. With a strong portfolio that includes global events such as the launch of the Jaguar F-type SomeBrightSpark are no strangers to producing major live events, but it wasn’t without its challenges. Mat Bartram, Design Director said, ‘An event like the D&AD awards was always going to present a challenge.’ He added, ‘at an event attended by such creative brilliance we really felt the pressure to craft an experience that was going to be creatively spectacular.’

The additional challenge for the team was the short turnaround time between the D&AD festival (precursor event) where the nominees are announced, and the main award ceremony itself. This meant that the team of 13 had just 72 hours in which to produce over 700 nominee videos to be showcased at the event.

In conjunction with this, SomeBrightspark were also responsible for the design and creation of the entire presentation environment created from 4 giant LED screens. Operating as the visual centrepiece for all presentations the brief also included the creation of all on-screen content including opening videos and category video stings. Mat Bartram said, ‘This was a great opportunity for us. We proved that even though we are a small agency, by working closely with great partners like Hawthorn, we can deliver exceptional, high profile live experiences and we’d love the opportunity to work with D&AD in the future.’

Michelle Fischer, Senior Events Manager at D&AD said, ‘This year was our first experience of working with SomeBrightSpark in collaboration with Hawthorn. We’re celebrating another fantastic year of the D&AD Awards having called upon SomeBrightSpark’s creative talent to create a new and impactful show format for how the winning work was displayed. The patience, dedication and professionalism of the team has meant that it’s been more than a pleasure to work with SomeBrightSpark. I’m already looking forward to planning the next event with the team.

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