Benefits of Creative Design Agencies: Why your Business Should be Working with One

Creative Agency

There’s a common misconception that creative design agencies are the same as advertising agencies. They’re not! For this very reason we’ve come up with 7  benefits of creative design agencies and explain why your business should be working with one to support and smash your marketing objectives.   

What is the difference between a creative agency and an advertising agency?

Advertising agencies are employed to create and manage advertising, typically within a wider integrated campaign of marketing activities. Creative design agencies will work on specific projects (an event, a presentation, video production), adding value to businesses by providing specialist knowledge and – of course – tonnes of creativity.

SomeBrightSpark are a creative design agency which is why we wanted to provide our readers with just some of the benefits of using our services and how they can add value to your business.


What are the benefits of creative design agencies?

  1. Provide expert knowledge
  2. They have access to bags of creativity
  3. Provide truly creative ideas
  4. Year’s of creative experience
  5. Access to niche skills
  6. Access to entire teams of talent
  7. It’s cheaper than you think (good investment)

Read on to see each of these points explained in more detail.

1. Expert knowledge

A well established agency will have tonnes of experience. Like us, they’ve probably worked with large and small brands, local and global businesses across a range of projects for a range of different purposes. We’ve pretty much seen it all! If there is something you want to achieve the chances are a creative agency can make it happen in the most creative ways imaginable.

2. Access to creativity

There’s no doubt about it, creativity breeds engagement. If you want your business to get noticed, maximise engagement, or create a lasting impression, then creativity is the answer. The trouble is how do you recruit someone to be creative? You don’t! Instead, you find a creative agency that will work with you to develop creative solutions to complement both your mission and brand.

3. Access to creative ideas

It’s not just the application of creativity that helps to position businesses. Work with an experienced agency to spark ideas, solutions and a way forward. Processing ideas can force you out of your comfort zone allowing you to look at things from a different perspective. Each new idea will bring a fresh approach and fresh opportunities for your business.  

4. Experience

As well as knowledge, agencies have a vast amount of experience. Find an agency that has worked with both large and small brands across industries and you’ll soon discover the true depth of their experience. Every client has slightly different objectives, but ultimately they want to be different, memorable, engaging and thought provoking. An experienced agency will support you in achieving your goals by advising what will work and what won’t.

5. Access to niche skills

Companies will often require creative input on a project, especially if the project or event is unique to the company. We find that a lot of our clients simply don’t have the specialist skills available in-house. Creative agencies are typically multifaceted with teams that are proficient at a range of creative disciplines. SomeBrightSpark for example, offer a diverse range of services including live event production, animation and video production.

Agencies are also pioneering. Because they’re constantly looking for the next trend that will make their clients more distinctive, agencies are often early adopters of new technologies. We’re no exception. One of our specialties is digital content creation: designing content for screens of any format. This means that we can be quite abstract with screen configurations, create content specifically for those screens and ensure that it is highly engaging.  

SBS provided content creation for the D&AD Awards 2017

The D&AD Awards 2017

6. Access to entire teams of talent

Creative agencies are like hidden treasure troves of talent. Within teams it’s not unusual to find event producers, designers, animators, film producers and project managers working together on your project. Agencies are also very resourceful and will normally have access to pools of talent through freelancers, and their wider networks. The benefit of this approach is that agencies have a well-established working relationship with these guys, meaning you don’t have to vet them, brief them or manage them.

7. It’s cheaper than you think

When working with creative design agencies you’re essentially paying for highly specialist, creative solutions. It’s not necessarily cheap but it is extremely good value for money. If you consider all the benefits we’ve just highlighted then you won’t be disappointed.


Final thoughts

The remit of the creative design agency is a lot different from advertising agencies. Although it’s easy to confuse the two it’s worth noting that design agencies won’t support you in running and monitoring your advertising campaigns. However, if you’re looking for inspiration or artistic input your campaigns and ad content then you should probably work with a design agency in the first instance.  

There are many reasons why a business may need to invest in services provided by design agencies. Whether you require a specialist skill, need support on a project or simply want to access creative ideas, then creative design agencies are the answer.

Remember that creative agencies are not just graphic designers. Instead, think of them as creative strategists or consultants. They know when to apply creativity to deliver a measurable return on investment and will work with clients to deliver strategically creative ways to effectively connect businesses with their employees and customers. So, if you’re ready to inject a little creativity into your brand then be sure to read our guide to creative recruitment. It explains all the attributes to look out for when selecting a creative agency, to ensure you find the the best fit for your business.