The Future Looks Bright for Telelectric Shop as it Closes its Doors After 35 Years.

By 6th July 2017News & Updates
Telelectric store Halford Street

The Telelectric store, located on the corner of Halford Street, is a familiar site for locals and visitors of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter; but after 35 years of selling electronic components and equipment the owner has now retired and the shop is about to begin an exciting new chapter.

Last week the independently run Telelectric closed its doors for the very last time, marking the end of a long career spanning nearly 4 decades for owner, Paul Pinkard. During that time the shop has supplied the area with a wide assortment of electronic goods and has survived a fiercely competitive retail climate.

On the 1st July the space was officially taken over by creative agency SomeBrightSpark, who currently occupy the offices above. The agency, specialising in creative content design and live event production, has exciting plans for expanding into the new space, which promises to benefit the creative community and pay important homage to the ethos of the old shop.

They plan to transform the space into a collaborative creative hub, offering workspace to creative contractors and freelancers. Dan Rogers, Managing Director at SomeBrightSpark said, ‘It is important for us to become more involved in the creative community of Leicester. We have always been involved with projects like DMU’s Art & Design Degree Show and D&AD’s New Blood Festival, which helps promote and foster new, young talent and we wanted to extend our support to all working creatives, to help promote collaboration and a greater community spirit.’

Fitting tribute to the Telelectric store that has closed after 35 yearsAs a tribute to the old store, SomeBrightSpark will be up-cycling materials from the old shop, turning them into furniture for the new office. ‘It’s a bitter sweet time’, said Dan. ‘We’re going to greatly miss Paul and we wish him well in his retirement. His shop has been an important fixture to the surrounding area and we’re determined to come up with creative ways of keeping the legacy of Telelectric alive.’

The hub will be used partly by SomeBrightSpark as their own meeting space, but they also hope to build a space for freelancers and subcontractors, working within a similar field, who need a space to work when visiting Leicester. This is extended to contractors working on projects, independently of SomeBrightSpark. The work is due to be completed at the end of August 2017.

Poster tribute made by SomeBrightStore to Telelectric storeDuring the shop’s final days of trading, SomeBrightSpark made a fitting tribute to the owner of Telelectric by creating and displaying posters in the shop’s windows to share its history and future plans.