Sevenses: October Edition

By 1st November 2017Blog, Design inspiration
The Art's Club, London designed by Dimore Studio

October has been a pretty incredible month for design enthusiasts like us! If you’re not familiar with our ‘Sevenses blogs’ yet, here’s a reminder of what they’re all about. Each month, we curate our 7 best and most loved bits of art, design, architecture and animation and compile them into a beautiful summary of design inspiration. Don’t forget to check out our September edition. It’s a feast for the eyes!

We have a great eclectic mix of awesomeness for you this month. The best part? There’s not a single Halloween related joke, graphic or meme.  Enjoy.

1. Architecture

This is Shanghai’s new theatre. Designed by Foster & Parters and Heatherwick Studio, the impressive structure forms part of a new financial quarter, built on Shanghai’s waterfront. Its curtain like facade is made from hundreds of bronze tubes. The position and length of each tube has been given careful consideration in order to give the affect of the falling curtain. Stunning!

Curtain-like facade had been created using copper pipesShanghai's theatre with a curtain-like facade

2. Typeface

PORT CITY. Designed and created by Conrad Garner. Although the font is inspired by vintage typefaces, its creators purposefully designed a font that can fluidly change from a classic vintage font to an ultra modern typeface.

Port City TypefacePortCity Typeface

3. Website

This website comes from the creative company, The Artery. Not only is this website an awesome and somewhat intriguing experience it also uses some highly creative and quality 3D graphics that give a nod to more classic art forms. Pay their website a visit to get the full effect of its sheer brilliance and check our their VR meditation room. Impressive!

home page of artery website

4. Experiential Design

We love experiential marketing and we love good application of immersive technology, so we had to include this one. The project known as  Immersive Technology: The Lab at Panorama is an art installation and virtual reality theatre, that aims to combine artistry, design and the community.

The lab at panorama immersive technology

5. Retail and Leisure

Our next entry again combines two of the things we love the most: having fun and amazing design. Interior design company, DimoreStudio, has transformed The Art’s Club in London into an opulent paradise. The inspiration for the design was taken from the Riviera Clubs of the 1950s and 60s.


The Art's Club, London designed by Dimore StudioThe Art's Club, London designed by Dimore Studio

6. Creative Workspace

This one is a little closer to home. Over the last few months SomeBrightSpark have been lovingly renovating a new versatile creative work space that will be made available to creative businesses. The aim of the project is to connect the locate creative industry, and to share skills (and coffee). We’ve recently added a few finishing touches before its grand unveiling. In the meantime, take a look at the making of our new creative work space.

New door to our creative work space at SomeBrightSparkCreative Work space by SomeBrightSpark

7. Animation

Although the official trailer came out in September and the film isn’t until 2018, we’re massive fans of Wez Anderson so here is the new trailer for his latest film, Isle of Dogs. As you’d expect the trailer looks stunning with each and every frame so carefully composed. We can’t wait to see it.