Getting Creative for the Largest Night in the Creative Industry.

Early last week a team of ten designers, creatives and video editors received details of the 434 official winners of the coveted D&AD Pencils for the 2018 award ceremony. The team had around 50 hours to create a short video sting for each winner, which had to include their profile, award-winning work and professional credentials.

‘The short time-frame wasn’t the hardest challenge’, reported Mat Bartram, Head of Design at SomeBrightSpark – creative and live event agency, based in the Leicester. ‘The biggest challenge for us is getting the execution and treatment of the visuals perfect and knowing that they are going to be viewed and assessed for their creative merit by the world’s best creative minds. It’s a lot of pressure’

SomeBrightSpark’s involvement at the DandAD Awards 2018

This is the second consecutive year that SomeBrightSpark has been involved with the D&AD Award ceremony event. Working with several partners including HATOHawthorn and ATC who delivered the event’s staging, lighting and AV; SomeBrightSpark were responsible for creating all of the creative assets, as well as keynote presentations, animations and digital content for the ceremony.

But the creative content wasn’t SomeBrightSpark’s only contribution to the event. As well as stage management of guest speakers, presenters and over 400 pencil winners, the SomeBrightSpark team scripted the entire evening and were responsible for providing a structure to the event that would help to better showcase the work produced by the winners.  

‘One of our main tasks this year was to keep the ceremony flowing and to put the award winning work centre stage, rather than dedicating the spotlight to the individual winners. D&AD very much wanted the work to take the limelight which a traditional linear format wouldn’t have allowed us to do.’ Mat reported. He explained that they conceived the plan of awarding people with multiple awards all at the same time rather than handing out awards in a conventional format by going through individual categories and winners.

Because of the nature of the event the task of getting content ready for a show within 50 hours is a hard enough feat, but for SomeBrightSpark their successful partnership with D&AD can be attributed to their knowledge of live event production. ‘I think without the experience we have of producing live events, particularly award ceremonies, a design agency would have perhaps found it difficult to appreciate how seamlessly the stings needed to be put together without jeopardising the flow of the ceremony. It was great to be asked to be involved with the show again this year and hope that we can continue to work with the team at D&AD on this most prestigious event.’

Agencies to take home a D&AD Pencil included, McCann New York and BBDO who worked with Mars, and London based, Riff Raff films who took home 12 pencils across a number of projects. All of the winning campaigns and agencies can be viewed here.    

For more details about our involvement why not take a look at the full project.