The Good, The Great & Everything In Between

By 2nd August 2018Blog

We all know how easy it can be to slip into a busy life where we forget to appreciate how hard we’ve been working. We talk about finding balance in our lives & how getting some down time is essential. So, what does that balance look like?  A lot of people believe that we have two components, work and life. But what if we broke that rule? What if we intertwined both work and life, a funny concept right? But if you think about it, we spend most of our hours at work, so wouldn’t it make sense to find enjoyment in the work we do. Many of us ‘need’ to take time out or take a holiday. But let’s enjoy life where we are right now. Jim Bird, an author on work-life balance says, “we assume that if we seek achievement, enjoyment will then follow automatically. But it doesn’t. If you try to get all the value from one side, all the value disappears”. Feelings of purpose and balance come from experiencing both accomplishment and joy.

A balanced day doesn’t mean you accomplish more in less time. The key is to not cram more things into your day, but instead looking at what really matters and prioritising that. I’ve always loved the saying ‘no-one is too busy, it’s about priorities’. Not appearing to be working hard has a bad stigma around it, and the busier you seem to be the better. But this shouldn’t be the case, as Dan Thurmon explains, “by slowing down, you feel like you have more time, not less”.

We at SomeBrightSpark have realised it’s important to take time to celebrate our achievements and congratulate people on not just the big things in life, but the little things too. And what better way to do this than having a laugh? So that’s what we did. We put on an amazing comedy night that was enjoyed by all. Thanks to our good friend, Jason Neale, for MC-ing yet another brilliant night with ‘Proper Funny Comedy’. The line-up of Alex Hylton, Sarah Johnson, Matt Hollins and Mark Cram were all completely different but totally hilarious.

This year, unlike our other Summer Socials, we extended the invite out to the those who have helped us get to where we are now as well as our friends and family. Welcoming all who we care about, and the people that care about us. Life is about bringing people together, creating little pockets of families, and allowing a sense of community.

As well as giving time to those around us, we felt it was important to give to those who are doing great things for people in need. ‘Milele’ is a small charity dedicated to providing educational opportunities for children in Kenya who need them most. They are passionate about empowering the children to take control of their own lives and destinies too shape their own future. All donations for the event went to Milele to support all the good they are doing.

A place of laughter and positivity is also a place of high productivity. So, by creating an environment where everyone enjoys turning up and having purpose, in theory, work will be of a higher quality. To make change we have to change. We’re all excited for future plans and ready to embrace new ways of working at SomeBrightSpark. Everybody is always looking to grow as individuals and as a team overall. So, this year it’s time to show some appreciation for everybody, with all the work they’ve done so far, where we are as a team today and where we want to go.