Jokes on us.

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So we’re all aware that the world of events can have its moments. That’s what makes it special, right?! One minute you can be sobbing into your Matcha Green Tea Crème Frappuccino and the next laughing like a loon. Somewhere often in between these two states and providing blessed relief and support can be found the producer or designer, the animators and 3D modellers, the lighting folks and all the other great people and organisations we rather generally call our ‘freelancers’ or ‘suppliers’.

Without their back-up and support we’d all most certainly be reaching for the Kleenex a lot more often.

So that’s why, for the third time this year, we decided we’d organise another of our stand-up comedy nights for around fifty folks. It’s our way of saying ‘thanks, come and have a laugh, a drink and a snack at SomeBrightSpark Towers… and then more laughs, drinks and marginally better snacks’ in the ever so slightly more ornate Queen Victoria Arts Club in their “decadently clandestine” basement.

Queen Victoria Arts Club (Leicester)

Queen Victoria Arts Club (Leicester)


Once again we were delighted and amused to have Jason Neale M-C’ing for the evening, his pithy and witty observations on everything from having a ‘proper job’ to our Creative Director Mat being (allegedly) the hardest lad in their school got things off to a grand start.


Comedian Jason Neale

Comedian Jason Neale


We were then treated to the spectacle of our student-intern Dan, no, Tom… (heck, even he wasn’t sure) being made to dress as a pirate and be serenaded by comedian Stevie Gray, the funniest thing to come out of Oldham since… well, the previous thing.


Comedian Stevie Gray

Comedian Stevie Gray and Intern/Pirate Tom


A break, more drinks, mingling and a charity fundraiser for a great cause supported by SomeBrightSpark


Miele Charity


A break, more drinks, mingling and then on with the “21st Century Asian Ken Goodwin and UK Pun Champion 2017” AKA Lovedev Barpaga clutching the stand-up comedian’s equivalent of the security blanket, the craft ale bottle. Very droll he was too, one-liner after one-liner…


Lovdev Barpaga

Lovdev Barpaga

Chris Norton Walker (Comedian)

Chris Norton Walker (Comedian)


More drinks, popping to loo etc etc (not going there… 😉 and then our Jason introduced the headline act and fair to say, largest collar-size in the room, Chris Norton Walker. Little did he know what was to follow… I really hope that him continuing to perform as the whole audience leaving seats to ‘hide’ in dark corners while someone popped to loo (no, still not going there..) won’t have scarred him too much.


Deserting one audience member whilst she used the bathroom..

Deserting one audience member whilst she used the bathroom..


Jason wound up the evening and and then most if not all emerged into the usual lively Friday night! The feedback so far suggests it was a great success so hurrah for all involved!

Makes you think just what a little humour can contribute during daylight hours and fuelled only by tea (or the other weird stuff I find in kitchen cupboards) so I’ve grabbed ten ways I reckon are worth giving an airing (nothing too serious) and seems appropriate for sure to be discussing during UK Mental Health Awareness Week

1.People will enjoy working with you. People want to work with people they like.

2.Humour is a great stress buster. The physical response that relaxes you when you laugh.

3.It is humanizing, allowing both employees and managers to come together.

4.It puts others at ease, a great way to break tension.

5.Ha + ha = aha! Humour is a key ingredient in creative thinking, people are more inspired when they are relaxed.

6.It helps build trust. Humour often reveals the authentic person lurking behind the work mask, it can help people build relationships in the workplace, and as we all know, increasingly relationships are key to success.

7.It boosts morale. We all like to work for and with others who have a sense of humour.

8.People who use humour tend to be more approachable. The more approachable you are, the more honest and open people around you will be.

9.Humour can allow your company to stand out! If you want to stand out, using humour combined with what it is you make or do is an effective way to do that.

10.It can increase productivity. It encourages interaction, brainstorming of new ideas, and a feeling that there are few risks in thinking outside the box. The work ethic increases and the ensuing enthusiasm will likely be contagious!

So perhaps the SBS Comedy Nights should be prescribed for anyone in MICE world reaching for the Kleenex (Bring a Bottle…)

Mark Glynne-Jones