Since being presented with the unexpected gift of time, a lot has happened and a lot has changed around us.  We have been busy, but in a different way and thought we would share what we’ve been up to and open up channels to see what more we can all do to make a difference.

Looking back just before lockdown and in general, most were familiar with the concept of working from home.  What we were not familiar with was layering on top of that the transformation of our homes into a fully functioning school.  We could hear (and feel) the strains of people getting to grips with this and thought maybe we could help in a small way, with our time.

The team wanted to offer up their design services to any family out there in the form of creating brand new home school logos.  Children were set a ‘lesson’ to name their school and draw up a logo for our designers to work some magic.  The response was unbelievably positive and as we sent back the logos to the children, it was a joy to read the messages coming back.  Our designers had so much fun interpreting a child’s mind (“the wiggly lines are poo smells”) and it really helped to boost morale at an unsettling time.

Thank you so much for doing something so lovely and bringing a little light into my children’s world at a moment when they are so confused, scared, unsure of what’s happening in the world around them
– Kirsty – NHS Worker

We then reached out to help final year university students.  It’s a worrying time for right now with their university journey being cut short, support networks up in the air and uncertainty surrounding them in the marketplace.  So, we decided to offer time with our team of design experts with free portfolio surgeries and a mentoring service.  All conducted via Zoom (our new best friend) and we will be continuing whilst we have any capacity.  To give back to the community that kick started the careers of many of the team was highly rewarding and the students have been so grateful to speak directly to professionals in their field.

We are also contacting local charities in the Leicestershire area to offer creative consultations as we have heard many struggling with a lack of resource but still the need to communicate, support and raise vital funding.  Brainstorming ideas and where possible providing some ad hoc design service to offer a quick solution at no cost.

Thanks again for all of your support – this is a fabulous offer for us at a really critical time for the charity and is hugely appreciated
– Kirsteen – Development & Funding Manager

So that’s it for now.  Short(ish) and sweet, but whilst we still have a bit of time, we want to get busy and use it wisely!