Join us as we discuss with industry leaders and experts how businesses have responded during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.  Unpicking strategic vs tactical actions, speed and success of response and the impact on human behaviour and mindset.

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Session 4: Venues – Innovation and New Opportunity

(With Hayley Smith, Head of Sales at Silverstone Circuits)

Discovering how the closing of venues during the pandemic has driven innovative ways to use space.

  • Responding to a new need from clients and agencies
  • Maximising outdoor space for commercial opportunity and an enhanced experience
  • Taking the consultative approach
  • Collaborating to innovate together


Session 1: A Beginner Mindset

(with Peeyush Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer at LTI)

Addressing the internal and external impact of a global reset and the opportunities available through adopting a ‘Beginner Mindset’. 

  • Fast action and being prepared
  • Working From Home (WFH) becomes Everything From Home (XFH)
  • Adapting communications to meet a new need
  • The changing role of meetings and events


Session 2: What Happened to ‘Keep Calm’?

(with Tom Farmer, Strategic Marketing Consultant at Marstrat)

Observations of how businesses have reacted within the Pandemic and what learning can be applied moving forward.  Highlighting opportunities that have emerged, but also the realistic timeframe for them to become embedded.

  • Confusing strategy with tactics and lessons learned
  • Exploring Economic Sustainability and its importance as industries now evolve
  • Creating more visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain


Session 3: Absent Mindfulness

(with Professor Damian Hughes, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author)

Discussions around the psychological and behavioural impact of remote working.  The benefits already seen and predicted for the future, but also the unintended consequences we need to manage around.

  • How to communicate throughout a crisis using STEPS principles
  • Creating a ‘mental tripwire’ to differentiate work from home
  • Staying motivated whilst at home
  • Building a framework for others to thrive within
  • Switching positivity to optimism and above all…being kind!


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