Hand drawn Christmas Car Design for 2017 by SomeBrightSpark

Sevenses: Christmas Edition

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Whether you’re a lover of all things ‘arty’ or just looking for some Christmas design inspiration then you’re in for a treat. Our Sevenses blog this month is getting festive and features inspiring Christmas creations from some of our best-loved retailers and institutions. We have a whole host of delights for you, including our favourite Christmas adverts, animations, exhibitions and book releases. We hope you all have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year. 

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Christian Maclay's exhibition, Screams.

Sevenses: November Edition

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November is a busy month and is typically dominated by Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving and whispers of Christmas

Thankfully the November edition of our ‘Sevenses blog’ is devoid of any of these things and is instead, a simple appreciation of all things design and arty. If you’re enjoying our new Sevenses blog then make sure you checkout the other design inspirations that have caught our eye in recent months. Enjoy!

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The Art's Club, London designed by Dimore Studio

Sevenses: October Edition

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October has been a pretty incredible month for design enthusiasts like us! If you’re not familiar with our ‘Sevenses blogs’ yet, here’s a reminder of what they’re all about. Each month, we curate our 7 best and most loved bits of art, design, architecture and animation and compile them into a beautiful summary of design inspiration. Don’t forget to check out our September edition. It’s a feast for the eyes!

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A side view of the Honda EV car concept

What’s been intriguing the SomeBrightSpark design team?

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Earlier this week the design team at SomeBrightSpark were huddled round a computer… in silence.  With heads tilted in critical evaluation, the office fell into a unusual silence unnerving the rest of the team. Normally, this kind of behaviour means one of two things. Either they were struggling to decide where to go for lunch or they had found something they liked. What had caught their attention? The new concept car from Honda.

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Creative work space to rent at SomeBrightSpark

Creating a creative work space in Leicester: The story so far

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At the start of July we embarked on a new initiative: To engage with independent creative experts and businesses in the Leicester area. When we heard that a the store below us was becoming available to occupy, we jumped at the chance. This is how we transformed an old and beloved store into a creative work space, based in the heart of Leicester’s creative Cultural Quarter.

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Ralph Lyons spent the summer doing an internship for SomeBrightSpark

A SomeBrightSpark intern talks about life in a creative agency.

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Over the last two months SomeBrightSpark has been nurturing the brooding talents of intern, Ralph Lyons.

A student from the Loughborough University, studying Visual Communication and Illustration, Ralph joined us having just completed his second year, to help out during our busy summer period. Now that it’s time to bid farewell to Ralph, we talk to him to find out what he’s learned during his stay with the SomeBrightSpark family.

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Vacancies at SomeBrightSpark

New year, new job.

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We’re looking for a talented mid-weight graphic designer to boost our team.

Due to a number of exciting new client wins, we’re looking for a mid-weight graphic designer to join our growing creative team.
You’ll ideally have a minimum of two year’s agency experience and a great portfolio of work. Read More