Destination Hybrid

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Hybrid isn’t a new thing.  Yet, it seems to have got event professionals scratching their heads over the last few months. If we look around us, it’s not difficult to find examples of hybrid in everyday life.

It’s in our food – think Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar and Salted Caramel.  Or, at a more complex level…carrots, beets, celery and (sorry kids) cauliflower.

Embedded in our transport (Cars, Trains, Bikes), technology (tablets) and even dogs – I mean whoever would have imagined celebrating a Cockapoo winning a title at Crufts?  We could look at music and list hundreds of great examples of duets that struck a magic chord (there are just as many that should never have happened – keep that in mind for later).

The point is, we’ve been doing it for decades. So why now, when we are faced with the simple equation of
Virtual + Live = Hybrid, are so many failing to find a clear answer?

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Zzzoom out for a better view (In our opinion)

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Online platforms. They were going to be the future. Universal bridges over virally troubled waters.

Then came lockdown and soon we were all communicating, organising and collaborating via our screens. Our diaries filled up with virtual catch ups. Zoom logged 100 billion meeting minutes earlier this year: it’s now about 2 trillion. Around the world, presenters are rabbitting on to screens full of boxes, each framing nodding heads – and vacant expressions.

And hey, it’s great! It’s kept us talking. So the future of business – and events in particular – must be virtual, right?

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Join us as we discuss with industry leaders and experts how businesses have responded during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.  Unpicking strategic vs tactical actions, speed and success of response and the impact on human behaviour and mindset.

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Don’t Steal My Time

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In a locked-down world where we’ve been forced to constantly shift focus between work and personal lives, we’ve all had the opportunity to reflect on what’s really important to us. Our view of the world has become much smaller, much closer to home.

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Time to Help

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Since being presented with the unexpected gift of time, a lot has happened and a lot has changed around us.  We have been busy, but in a different way and thought we would share what we’ve been up to and open up channels to see what more we can all do to make a difference.

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Why Design Matters – Talks from Michael Johnson, Rejane Dal Bello & Tina Touli

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Join us on the 28th of September for an afternoon of talks with three of the UK’s most well-respected designers.

When the SomeBrightSpark designers discussed who would be in their dream line-up to come over the SBS studio to give a talk, three names came top of everyones list. Michael Johnson, Rejane Dal Bello and Tina Touli.
Luckily for us, and you, they all said yes to make the trip up to Leicester.

This talk is open for all to attend, as part of Design Season 2.

Tickets are FREE, all you need to do is sign-up using this link:

Michael Johnson

Michael founded the influencial design studio johnson banks back in 1992, after learning his trade in brand consultancy, design and art direction across the globe in Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne and London.He has judged design competitions from San Francisco to Beijing, and has been a D&AD judge eight times, four times as jury president.He was a member of the D&AD Committee for four years before serving as its President in 2003, one of the youngest ever. D&AD named him as the seventh most awarded designer in its history during their fifty-year celebrations in 2012, and in 2017 he won the prestigious D&AD presidents award for his service to the creative industries.The Independent Newspaper selected him as one of the 10 most notable British Designers and The Guardian Newspaper named him as one of the UK’s top 50 designers.

Rejane Dal Bello

London-based designer Rejane Dal Bello creates bold, typographic identity systems that aim to communicate complex ideas in their simplest form.Originally from Brazil, she began her career working for renowned branding & design agencies over the world, Studio Dumbar (NL) and Wolff Olins (UK), before setting up her own practice ‘Studio Rejane Dal Bello’.Rejane is regularly featured in international publications as well as giving workshops and lectures around the world, she is also creative editor of UPO magazine (FR).

Tina Touli

Tina Touli is a creative director and graphic communication designer living and working in South East London. She has worked in different studios, such as Pearlfisher, Blast Design and Nalla Design. She currently runs Tina Touli Design, her own multidisciplinary studio, and teaches at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.Tina works in a great variety of design fields including branding, typography, editorial design, web design, animation, etc.She was selected by Print Magazine as one of the 15 best and brightest young designers in the world, aged under 30.She has spoken at conferences all over the world, including; the Adobe Live Stream at OFFF Festival in Barcelona, the Adobe Creative Meet Up in London, the “Be our guest” in China and the Design Toolkit in Greece.

Jokes on us.

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So we’re all aware that the world of events can have its moments. That’s what makes it special, right?! One minute you can be sobbing into your Matcha Green Tea Crème Frappuccino and the next laughing like a loon. Somewhere often in between these two states and providing blessed relief and support can be found the producer or designer, the animators and 3D modellers, the lighting folks and all the other great people and organisations we rather generally call our ‘freelancers’ or ‘suppliers’.

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We all feel part of this melting pot

We All Feel Part of This Melting Pot

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I’m Raj, a content designer and one of the founding members of SomeBrightSpark. I am also a British Sikh man of Punjabi descent. I’m proud of being Punjabi and belonging to the Sikh religion as it’s my heritage and is part of what makes me who I am. My grandfather arrived from India in 1956 and worked at Dunlop in Leicester up until his retirement in 1982. Today we are now three big families, well established in this country, and we all feel part of this melting pot. Read More