The Design Studio

A great design can defined by its ability to grab attention. More importantly, designs should be able to engage and motivate audiences. At SomeBrightSpark we inject high levels of creativity into everything that we produce: whether producing an event or designing creative content.


Our design studio is comprised of 6 highly talented individuals. They work with our events team to produce content for each event, and with businesses to enhance their marketing and communications. Our creative design team at SomeBrightSpark is unique. We have an ability to work with clients to help define that initial spark of an idea and translate it into something great.

Digital Design

User-centred digital design across all platforms

Each of our digital experiences are tailored to the needs of the real people. Whether we’re creating a website, mobile app or an experiential event, our process is to get to grips with the users' needs and motivations. Using our knowledge and experience of creating exceptional user interfaces, we're able to create rich and immersive digital experiences that really connect.

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PowerPoint Design

Creating killer presentations.

We hate to kill a cliché but we don't believe in 'death by PowerPoint'. Our dedicated PowerPoint designers work exclusively on PowerPoint content that is beautifully crafted to help deliver a well-constructed story. We not only design stunning PowerPoint and Keynote content, we also work with presenters to help them define and plan the story they need to tell in a visually engaging way that remains fully on brand.

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Making designs truly engaging

We're experienced at creating both 2D and 3D design animations. We can devise everything from the initial storyboards and scripts through to interactive user interfaces and virtual reality (VR) immersion.

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Video Production

Scripting, story boarding, filming and editing.

Our video production team can achieve any style of video. Whether you're looking to produce video case studies, showcase your latest products or even require a full brand launch film - we can make it happen. We handle every aspect of video production including scripting, story boarding, audio, voice-over, filming, and editing. We often combine live action with stunning animated graphics to give videos an extra level of professionalism and creativity. For events, we can film and stream live action to ensure your guests never miss out.

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3D Design

Seeing content like never before.

Our 3D design service allows you to see event environments and products in 3D, giving you the chance to fully interrogate a concept before committing to the costly manufacturing phase. We also use 3D designs to make digital content more engaging, whether it's on digital signage, a website, an email, or other marketing materials.

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