Internal staff events

Connecting employees through live engagement.

Away days, internal staff conferences and employee engagement events are great ways of connecting teams and enhancing productivity. Whether you’re looking to train staff or inform them about new strategies, live events have the added advantage of really engaging and unifying teams. 


Often internal communication is a key driver for employee engagements events but we like to work closely with teams to really understand the aims of an event. Plus, we believe that our creative approaches ensure that events are effective at engaging your teams and communicating your messages. 

We manage events from initial concept to full execution so that everything that needs organising, creating and delivering can be organised through us for a seamless execution. Because of our extensive knowledge of employee engagement events and internal conferences we are able to suggest viable and effective formats. These often include a good mix of team activities, intimate meeting spaces, as well as some valuable entertainment for your staff.

Benefits of Employee Engagement Events:
  • Unifies teams
  • Increases motivation and productivity
  • Instils pride in organisation
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Allows employees to share ideas and opinions

Take a look through some of our recent employee engagement events.

Employee engagement events produced by SomeBrightSpark

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