Virtual Event Experiences

Live Broadcasts

From platform design, virtual environments, studio and ‘at home’ filming, we can create and deliver your global broadcast, company kick off, awards ceremony or even a series of localised virtual events.

Our studio can manage all content production from animation, video editing and 3D modelling to full asset design.

On Demand Platforms

Giving your audience the choice of how and when they consume content is key to driving ongoing engagement. We can produce and programme your content to any timeframe driving the audience engagement through ‘watch next’ recommendations.

Building in user generated content to be featured throughout the platform can also help drive participation and creating more of a community hub.

Product Launches

By curating exclusive content and building in the unexpected VIP features, it’s possible to deliver a powerful and commercial product launch. Access to experts via live broadcasts, 2-way dialogue through the platform and a simple call to action has demonstrated a significant ROI opportunity.

@Home Experiences

Transforming your living room for just one day into the ultimate VIP experience. A personal audience with the stars, sporting pundits just for you, interactive features to unlock bespoke gifting and group participation.

This is a highly immersive experience and enables a mix of exclusivity, gamification and self-exploration. We can design and build any environment – there really are no limits!

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