Hitesh, who has an impressive background as a Design Director, embraced a new role as a tutor at De Montfort University. For an entire year, Hitesh dedicated his Thursdays and expertise to the Graphic Design & Illustration course. Hitesh's decision to become a tutor was a testament to his passion for sharing knowledge and nurturing young talent. Despite having a successful career as a Design Director, he actively sought out opportunities to educate and inspire the next generation of designers.

Why did you take on this task of becoming a tutor?

I decided to become a part-time tutor with the purpose of imparting my experience to students, and helping the future of design have the best step forward. Growing up there was a perception of British Asians building careers in Academic professions, my family always supported me to pursue my passion. It’s great to see young British Asians becoming part of design and following their dreams.

Sharing my knowledge with future talent was also a significant motivation, as it allowed me to contribute to their growth and assist in shaping their portfolios, preparing them for successful transitions into their first professional roles upon graduation from university.

What did you learn from this experience?

During my experience, I gained insights into the academic learning process and the structured nature of the course designed to facilitate student success. Additionally, I developed the ability to adapt my feedback according to the diverse levels of talent and capabilities among students. Recognising the significance of providing positive feedback became crucial in fostering their growth and development.

Is this something that should be implemented across the country?

I believe it holds great significance for students to receive feedback from both their tutors and industry professionals. The combination of these two distinct perspectives aids students in comprehending the intricacies of work processes within a professional setting. Gathering opinions and feedback from colleagues in the industry is an integral part of daily work life, and possessing the skill to gather, analyse, and implement feedback is crucial for professional growth and success.

How can students get the most out of having an industry tutor?

It is advisable for students to seize the opportunity of having industry tutors by actively sharing their work, including any ongoing projects, to receive invaluable first hand feedback. The industry tutors bring a wealth of knowledge in terms of working experience, future trends, and technical software knowledge, which is crucial for students to absorb and integrate into their own skillset. By embracing this opportunity, students can inherit valuable insights that will greatly benefit their professional growth and readiness for the industry. 

Hitesh's time as a tutor at De Montfort University undoubtedly left a lasting impact on both the institution and its students. His dedication, mentorship, and passion for design undoubtedly inspired countless individuals to pursue their dreams and excel in the field.