Tell us about a professional success story that you’re proud of.

We’ve been working on a piece of work recently that I’m really proud of. It’s a project that brings together our core offerings from strategy, marketing, production, design, animation and video production. It’s going to continue into next year and I’m really excited to share it with the world. I just can’t share it just yet. Keep an eye on our channels in Q1 is all I’m saying. 👀

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout your career and would want to teach the next generation of producers/project managers?

Manage your time, manage other people's time, go with your gut, don’t listen to every opinion, trust the creative process, hold yourself accountable to high standards, hold people accountable to high standards. Carve your own path, get as much experience as you can on a wide variety of projects and clients. Enjoy it, it’s fun.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Rather than who, I'm going to answer what inspires me. 

You have to be interested to be interesting. The same goes for experiences, you need to experience a plethora of different aspects of life. To be there, to stay on the pulse.

Music and lifestyle always inspire me, they’re the rhythm. I also get a lot from spending time away from work, travelling, spending time in nature, and exercising. If I feel flat and uninspired I go for a run. It brings clarity and being outside helps those ideas bloom.

What techniques help you stay organised and productive? 

We are a busy agency so it’s imperative to manage time effectively.

I use the Harvard method, time-blocking and time-boxing methods. We’re a busy agency and there’s never a quiet period. To balance my responsibilities and multiple projects, I first look to align the work that needs to be done and then block time for a group of tasks or time for specific tasks. By doing this I’m able to dedicate more time to high-value work and make space for creativity.

I spend a lot of time in and out of deliverables lists, trackers and critical paths. These are the foundations to each project and help us plan and keep projects on track.

Spend time away from work, get out of your comfort zone, enjoy your life so you can focus on work and be productive.

How do you see yourself developing in your role or beyond?

Over the last thirteen years I've done a lot of firsts, I'm eager to keep pushing myself and the projects I work with the team on forward. My main driver is to produce the best work I’ve ever done. Every year the work gets better and the benchmark is set higher.

What industry changes or trends do you think will have the biggest impact?

I’m excited to see how the intersections between brands and culture progress. I’m particularly interested to see how the industry evolves with focuses on technology and sustainability.

Innovation across both technology and sustainability is so exciting. Both areas are pushing the boundaries in terms of what’s been done before and what is possible.