The design and events industries can look colourful, bright and “kool!” from the outside, but often we’re fighting fires, rushing to tight deadlines and trying to stop mistakes (from some people’s perspectives) leading to the end of the world. 

With the Barbie/Oppenheimer dual release being the biggest cultural trend of the year, we thought we’d put our spin on how this contrast reflects our industry.

PROS - Barbie 

Creating exceptional experiences 

"I don’t have anything big planned. Just a giant blowout party with all the Barbies, and planned choreography, and a bespoke song. You should stop by."

From designing visually stunning decorations to planning immersive activations, we have the power to create memorable moments that leave an unforgettable impact.

Variety of clients 

Barbie is a doctor, and a lawyer, and so much more than that.” 

We work with people across all sorts of industries, giving us the opportunity to work on a huge variety of projects and find new and exciting ways to exceed clients’ expectations. 

Bringing people together 

Thanks to Barbie, all problems of feminism and equal rights have been solved!”

From conferences to incentives, we create connections and foster relationships. Like Barbie, we can bring people together from all spheres of life and create communities.

Creativity is key 

Humans only have one ending. Ideas live forever.”

We're constantly challenged to think outside the box, develop innovative concepts, and deliver unique experiences. This allows us to express our artistic vision, push boundaries, and constantly evolve our creative skills.

CONS - Oppenheimer


“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” 

Planners and designers carry a substantial amount of responsibility. They are accountable for the
success and failures of an event, bearing the weight on their shoulders should anything go
catastrophically wrong. 

The long hours/time constraints

“Build a town and build it fast.”

In an interview, Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy revealed that the movie was shot in only 57 days.
An insane achievement that is often mirrored in our industry, with its demanding and at times irregular working hours. 

Client’s expectations vs Low budgets 

"They won't fear it until they understand it. And they won't understand it until they use it."

The nightmare of high expectations with a low budget means finding creative solutions and negotiating compromises to manage clients’ expectations. 

In our industry, the lows come with the incredible highs. The work is intense, but rewarding; explosive yet exciting. We meet interesting people and do interesting things, taking us to all kinds places, from New Mexico to Malibu beach. And what a good job we do at beach.