Breaking the Cycle: A Smarter Approach to Pitching

Pitching has been a tried and tested method for agencies to acquire and grow business for as long as we can remember. However, let's face it - it just isn't working. 

The traditional pitching process often leads to outcomes that are determined based on the lowest cost, resulting in a lack of value and heartbreak for both the agency and the stakeholder.

Agencies invest a significant amount of time and resources into pitches, including specialist resources that need to be bought in. These costs quickly add up and can have a detrimental effect on the project. 

It's time to face the truth - the process of pitching is broken, and we need to fix it.

So, what's the solution? 

Paid-for pitches are no longer a realistic option, and as an agency, choosing to never participate in a competitive pitch again is a career-limiting move. 

However, there is another way.

Invest in a better outcome. By spending time with the brand, agencies and stakeholders can look at specific challenges and use their combined expertise to reframe the solution. By focusing on the "why" first, before worrying about the "what" and "how", a better brief can be developed.  We call this Phase Zero.

This approach is a win-win for both the brand and the agency. Stakeholders have the opportunity to share their challenges without internal distortion, while agencies get the chance to have a meaningful conversation with their target brand. 

It might still result in the need for a pitch, but the brief will be much better, and the outcome will be more aligned with the stakeholders' goals.

At the end of the day, pitching is still an art form of its own, and nothing beats the creative challenge of developing that winning idea. 

Let's invest in the process, the brief, and the outcome. 

Let's ditch the heartbreak and embrace a more meaningful and effective approach to pitching.

Let's continue to pitch, but let's do it better. 

Unleash our collective brain and let’s explore limitless possibilities together - drop us a line to find out how!