Connecting and motivating a global audience has never been so important, or so challenging to achieve, in the current climate.  RB, needed more than a virtual event solution to launch a world-leading Marketing Excellence capability to their global marketing teams, they needed a virtual location too.

The virtual event concept was the brainchild of Fabrice Beaulieu, RB’s EVP for Group Marketing Excellence and EVP for Category Development Organisation for the Hygiene division. His brief to us was simple: create a truly amazing launch event that demonstrates exactly what Marketing Excellence means.

And so the Marketing Excellence #MktgEX Village was conceived. A virtual destination where 2,200 RB marketeers from around the world could collaborate, connect, learn and be inspired. A place which would build a sense of community that would grow and evolve as the function becomes embedded in the organisation.

The unveiling of the village itself was an ambitious 8-hour continuous broadcast to an invited audience of 2,200 covering 62 countries. Over 40 internal and external presenters took part with an engaging mix of live and pre-recorded sessions, all from their various ‘hubs’ within the virtual village.

To cope with the wide variety of COVID-related restrictions, we took live feeds from actual studios and from ‘home’ studios which we equipped the teams with broadcast quality cameras, lights, mics, teleprompters and  green screens. This allowed all presenters to be shown in their own, specially designed, virtual environments.

All in all, 70 separate videos were produced in a 10-day period. All live recordings and pre-recorded videos, along with other supporting content, including extended interview recordings. All of which have been made available, on-demand, through a dedicated ‘Village’ web portal.

The vision is to continuously develop and grow the Village to become a core global communications and training platform for all RB marketeers.

‘This is the biggest and best virtual event we’ve ever done. Astounding. The response has been unprecedented. This has significantly raised the bar in how we do online events globally’

Fabrice Beaulieu – EVP Group Marketing Excellence, RB