Immersive visitor experience for Taqa

An immersive exhibition stand that utilises Experiential Marketing techniques


We were tasked with designing an immersive visitor experience for TAQA, at the Off-Shore Europe event. As Europe’s largest oil and gas exhibition TAQA wanted us to create an exhibition space that would not only be distinctive but also function differently from other stands.

One of our key objectives was to create an experience that could be tailored to each of the stand visitors – creating a meaningful solution. In addition to the overall stand design, we developed an interactive end-to-end digital experience – from initial invitation to post exhibition follow-up. This allowed visitors to pre-booked a five-minute ‘digi-pod’ session on the stand with an element of pre-qualification. Following a digital check-in, visitors entered one of three immersive digi-pods and engaged in an individual 3D animated motion-gesture session.  All visitors’ interactions were data-captured for effective and qualified follow-up by the TAQA team.

301 of a potential 354 sessions were pre-booked. This meant across the three days of exhibition, the digi-pods were active for 86% of the available time – against a target of 60%.

Fantastic engagement experience, going further than the competition to encourage interests in TAQA” visitor from Maersk Oil

Stand is excellent, innovative and interesting; a credit to TAQA
visitor from Paradigm